Thumb Joint Pain – Easy Tips to Get Rid of Thumb Joint Pain

Thumb arthritis or thumb joint pain is quite common these days because of increased use of thumbs and wrist while working on PC.There are many other reasons of this kind of pain alike general arthritis, rheumatism menopause etc. It is also caused by an injury or an accident that hits your thumb.Arthritis at the base of the thumb is quite common especially after turning 40. It is more common in women than men. It impairs your grip therefore you feel pain while twisting your wrist. Simple tasks like turning the keys or opening the lids become very painful. Some people also feel stiffness at and swelling at the base of their thumb.Treating general arthritis is often very effective in reliving thumb pain as well. However if your other joints are quite normal you can try some tips to get rid of thumb joint pain.o If you work on PC for long hours; make sure that your wrist remains horizontal as much as possible. Adjust the height of your work station accordingly.o These days you will find many keyboards, mouse pads which are meant for relieving wrist and thumb pain. You must start using these customized peripherals as soon as you start feeling pain in your wrist.o Try to rest your wrists whenever possible.o Take some wrist exercises after taking bath every day. Rotate your wrists joints while keeping your hands horizontal to the ground. You can also try to touch your arms with clenched fist while maintaining the same position. It works well for reliving pain in wrists and thumbs.o Using customized splints are very effective in reliving joint pains in general. You can use wrist splints at night.o Ice cubes or cold bandages are also highly effective in reliving thumb joint pain. You may take some general OTC anti inflammatory drug once in a while. However it is often better to go for natural formulas that are highly effective in treating arthritis in general.

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